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Formulr – Enter the World of Motorsport

Want to see what I’ve been up to for the past year living in London? Follow my adventures on Formulr, free on the App Store and Google Play.  

Greatest Athlete: Preparing for the Challenge

Greatest Athlete logo

Check out the Preparing for the Challenge video here. Ok, so you’ve made the decision to take on one of the most intense, most enjoyable and most awesome challenges of your life – the Greatest Athlete Challenge. You’ve got one … Continue reading

Greatest Athlete: Building Core Strength

building core strength

Check out the Building Core Strength video here. No, I’m not talking about fruit or the centre of the earth here; this is all about strengthening that part of your body between your ribs and your waist, otherwise known as … Continue reading

Greatest Athlete: Get Fit Quick

Kickboxing web

Check out the Get Fit Quick video here Challengers, are you ready? If not, get a move on! The Greatest Athlete Challenge is just around the corner so it’s time to get fit fast. One of the best ways to … Continue reading

Nurburgring: VLN 9 Race Time!

Another day, another race track, another adventure in store! This time AJ, Liam, Romano, Sasha, Rob and I (as part of the tour) are Aston Martin VIP guests at the VLN 9 race at the Nurburgring. We settle into … Continue reading

Nurburgring: RSR take over Spa

Rise and shine, it’s RSR track day time, at yet another famous Formula 1 track, Circuit de Spa in Belgium. A nice early 6am start was on the cards since we were driving that morning to Spa in our little … Continue reading

Nurburgring: Driving in Cars with Boys

Who knew when I woke up this morning that I would do something I never thought I would ever do in my life, and that I would have, to put it simply, THE BEST DAY EVER! Here’s how it went… … Continue reading

Nurburgring: Testing The Green Hell

Travel-wise I think Nurburg is a hidden gem. One of the most unique towns I have ever visited. Not just a place for racing and car enthusiasts but a beautiful little German town, full of history and memorabilia, surrounded by … Continue reading

The Nurburgring

How often in your life do you ever get the chance to experience things that very few people would ever get to witness ever in their lifetime? A unique insight into a unique world. A once in a lifetime opportunity! … Continue reading

Barcelona the Great

So much more fun to be had in Ibiza…but some things are best in small doses, and this may be one of them. After all, you don’t want to have all the best days of your life at once. Many … Continue reading